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Borderlands – Easy money and Epic weapon cheats/glitches


Borderlands - Easy money and Epic weapon cheats/glitches


  1. Best farming no dlc: go to crimson enclave and save game, then go to crimson fastness where 2 or 1 chests will spawn, then exit and repeat

  2. If anyone wants to play Borderlands on XBOX360/ONE send me a message. I also have the Borderlands Handsome Collection. GamerTag: Kobbrahh

  3. its nice but if you go to tatarus station (dlc) and do the missions for , i think his name was Vane, you can get to the house next to vane and there are 18 weapon cases and you can loot them all . and if you have looted all and equiped or sold some weapons just leave the game , then go in again , go to the house and loot again 😛

  4. Idk if it's patched or what but when I went to the last weapon box I went to was another silver metal one but it's a red one in his video.. does it change after like a certain mission or something?

  5. Well… I gotta say his guns may suck but I'm on lvl 69 so I guess there good for his lvl . I'm not sure its been 1 year since I was on his lvl.

  6. Dude if you want to put your stuff some where go to the (UNDER DOME) and stash all of your stuff in the bank thing . And if you really want more space in it then go to the gun shop close to it and by a storage space upgrade for a price. By Nicholas Bradley 🙂

  7. This video was made in the same year the game was released, genius. He pointed that out in the intro. He also stated that his computer can't handle it, so you presented us with no new information.

  8. This has been patched a loooooong time ago. All the crates are white. And btw, your pc cannot handle this game for SHIT. Hahahaba

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