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Bloodrayne Betrayal – Complete Run


I decided to record another playthrough of Bloodrayne Betrayal using the same game capturing software I used to record my Street Fighter III video; another reminder why RCA is not the best cable to use when capturing footage from a PS3 game.

As with the original video http://youtu.be/Vv3s6GnavtA this is me playing through all 15 levels of Bloodrayne Betrayal plus extra footage of the Leaderboards at the end of the video. Despite not dying as often as I did in the first video, I still ended up editing out several minutes of fail. My skills have gotten rusty since I last played this game, which was probably right around the time I uploaded the other video 2 years ago.

Recording tools used:
– Elgato Game Capture
– PlayStation 3
– HDMI cable
– External monitor

Bloodrayne Betrayal - Complete Run

Classic Game Room - BLOODRAYNE BETRAYAL review


  1. You know, in Chapter 13 where you fight the ghosts over the bugs and the one falling platform, you can do the midair kick (forward+attack)–the one that sends enemies flying across the entire screen–it launches the ghosts off screen and they don't come back.  Basically it's a single hit kill.  But the cool thing is one of the properties of midair forward+attack is it counts as a new jump, so you can jump up, dash,  kick the first ghost, spring off him, dash over to the second and kick him as well and you can dash again to get wherever you need to to land safely (theoretically, you could stay airborne forever by relaunching off enemies with the midair forward+attack and dashing).  Anyway, after the first wave, land on the platform or hop kick off a bug and repeat for the next two ghosts that spawn and you're done.  You really don't even need the platform, the bugs are more than enough.

  2. i played a demo but i might get it in the future,bloodrayne has been abit away from my radar but sind si saw the bloodrayne first game all scenes am realy getting it in my head again,but bloodrayne was always an amazing title and an amazing charc 🙂 she deserves a open new game or atleast a 3d new game.

  3. in chapter 13 where there is a falling platform and bugs, the pc version has two falling platforms at the top.

  4. Another classic title ruined bcuz it went far away from its roots and this shit looks like a fake ass castlevania

  5. Really pissed at myself that I didn't give this game a chance when it came out. The whole BloodRayne fanbase was expecting BloodRayne 3 but then Betrayal came out and we were sour about it. But honestly this game looks fantastic. The art is delicious and Rayne causes even more carnage in 2D. Would love to see a console sequel or mobile version of this game. 10/10.

  6. They made her anime, but her outfit and proportions are less ridiculous? Even though her legs are still 2/3 of her body. What a strange game…

  7. Well, I think that this game is much more suitable to Japanese players xD Thank you for the upload 😀

  8. ^  ^  ty for share,.. well played
    ,..,    youre infited ,visit my side too maybe you find something from interrest,..
      Hahaha stay well, peace, greets ReRiX,..
      (The halloween special,……. im not sure if i did rly made an halloween special, (EVER its nearly tooo cruel)……….) anyways, gg seeya around,…

  9. I really like difficult games, especially when it's your fault if you die,
    but this game's difficulty is bullsh*t most of the time and it gets tedious
    the more you play it .

  10. The only problem with this game that I have is that in the first two levels you see everything that the game has to offer. I wish she had more upgrades and weapons…

  11. Dishwasher Vampire smile does everything this game does and it's far more chaotic yet far more balanced 

  12. luv the art design in this game. I know it's meant for hardcore side scroller gamers, but i wished they gave u some sort of upgrade or at least a difficulty setting. it's way too brutal as it is and that takes the joy out of it a little… 

  13. +takebackgotham You could try the Guardian Heroes remake (originally Saturn) that came out for 360 XBLA ($5 now).  The updated visuals are great but comes with the option for original sprites.  A sidescrolling beat-em-up with a three-plane 3D battlefield.

  14. anyone know any other games like this with beautiful visuals, fast and intense 2d side scrolling action? I don't want games with puzzles that stop all the action. thor for the ds counts but I'm hoping for something with better graphics because that's immersive.

  15. Note to any gamer wanting to give this game a chance in spite of the reviews, here's why the critics mocked it's controls. Never use an Xbox 360 controller for any 2D game in general. Why? It's D-pad was built on a disc-like patch and even when you hold it in place, the character will still do random actions or they won't respond. Trust me, I ran into that problem after comparing both the PS3 & 360 versions of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, and kept the former one for obvious reasons.

  16. You and me both. Why do you think I favor the HD version of Sonic Unleashed over the SD one, and Shadow the Hedgehog over Sonic Heroes? People nowadays want their games to be easier instead of offering a challenge, and it shows from the polarized reviews of Bloodrayne Betrayal. Granted I have played a demo so far, but it seems cool. When they complained about the controls, I think it was due to the Xbox 360's faulty D-pad, but the PS line's D-pad is 20X better, so they felt fine to me.

  17. I finished both the first and second game, and I really loved Betrayal! But despite they talks. The gameplay is more like Megaman X with Rayne's dash and wall jump + Any hack'n'slash with fast reaction. Because some enemies still looks like the early games. Also, Rayne is still badass, the only thing that annoys me is her face at title screen. XD I love this game, specially the animations. It's simply awesome <3

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