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Black Friday BestBuy Madness Traffic


Black Friday BestBuy Madness Traffic


  1. They have a toshiba tv this year for 149 not sure if it will go fast or what . From his video it seems like they keep a well stick if them so I might be

  2. Avoid the Best Buy Black Friday lines by buying your stuff a couple days early. After Black Friday, if your stuff was on sale during Black Friday, go back and claim that lower price. Best Buy has a two week price guarantee which states if you find the price lower than what you paid, you can claim it and get a refund back for the difference.

  3. BestBuy, in phily PA, I got the exact same tv what he got, 327$ 40inch smart samsung TV saving 152 !
    for me same, it seemed like that tv was a only good deal on black friday, except that everything is pretty much same.
    by the way, you are daughter is adorable!

  4. i get me a 50 in for 200 at walmart can you tell me were you got that cam from that you have on your glasses

  5. Awwwww… Your daughter is so cute. :3 🙂

    How do you know what frequency does a SmartTV processor have? Or RAM? Or GPU?

    Do you have a SmartTV motion camera?
    Is so, will you ever review the motion control and some games?

    Did you know that Google Glass runs Android 4.x?
    One guy on the internet ADB sideloaded Nova Launcher on Google Glass.
    But i think he got stuck in Nova, because Google Glass doesnt have a home button…

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