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Anyone Looking For An MW3 Clan on PS3?


I started Red Carpet Militia almost 3 months ago, and it has become a total success. RCM has over 50 official members, and has a clan battle record of 25-3. We have all become good friends. But it’s starting to get too public, and isn’t as solid as it was at its peak. I wanted to try and replicate my success in making clans, so I decided to go ahead and start another clan. I am looking for players who play MW3 a lot, are friendly, have a mic/headset, and want to help out my new clan. I am also looking for players with expierence in running a clan either as a clan leader, or a co-leader. Don’t think your not good enough to get into my clan, I’m building up a base for the clan, and it’ll be key to determining our future success. If you are interested, add ClubMonger on PSN. Please send me a message saying that you want to join my new clan. Also looking for clan name ideas.

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  1. If you have to beg for clan members on message boards you clan is a very poor clan (or worthless).

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