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Aliens Vs Predator 3 (2010) Angry Review


Aliens Vs Predator 3 (2010) Angry Review

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  1. want to see a sequel to this game where they capitalize on all their old failings and make something amazing. Also would like to see a new AVP Extinction with more stuff in it and custom and multiplayer maps.

  2. i loved 1 and 2 because i seen them when i was a kid, and when i was young i just wanted to see blood and action.

  3. What happened to the video review you made with the link? The video doesn't work anymore.

  4. triple pistol right click plus punch exploit knocks people down. 18 bullet magazine in the pistol. you can do a double knockdown to push your helpless teammates off of cliffs. also repopulate the multiplayer people.

  5. This game got better over time. Especially when you have pieces of shit like ACM to compare it with.

  6. I liked Predator: concrete jungle. Collecting spines and skulls trophies. Hang corpses on top of skyscrapers.

  7. I know colonial marines is gonna work—- I am from the future, and it suuuuuuuuuucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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