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8 Awesome New Features Every Xbox One Owner Must Try


8 Awesome New Features Every Xbox One Owner Must Try


  1. "lets make multitasking better… by getting rid of multitasking!" Fantastic. the best feature of Xbox, Snap, is gone, with no suitable replacement.

  2. For some reason whenever I open up the side bar, it freezes for like 15 seconds. Only on the middle one though, so whenever I move up then down, it will freeze for another 15 seconds. Any ideas? I've already tried hard resets.

  3. unsubbed the second you said beam is awesome, and cortana is awesome. You left off that they make twitch streaming more difficult just to push beam which to me is shady. Not to mention beam is dead, and not widely used and forget about all the buggs I have seen just since this update. The home screen it's self is actually going backwards and looking more like xbox 360, so not really a step forward in my opinion. Also none of the features like recording is actually easier as it works the same as before, and actually adding more button presses, so not sure how it makes it better if i have to do more things. So more than half this video is a lie. For that I must look for another channel as you clearly can not be trusted. bye

  4. So where's the option to get my Open Nat type back? Been open since day one, now it's moderate. Also need to pin a party chat fix since it's so buggy it takes forever just to get into a party, just to have half my friends start "connecting".

  5. Will you be able to simply search by genre in the game store. if not. then someone needs to be fired

  6. The audio thing is already in a game called rainbow six siege. It's super helpful and I wouldn't be as good as I am without it.

  7. On the co-pilot feature…can you use it remotely with someone on your friends list? For Instance can you help a buddy through a hard part in a game thats on your friends list in another state, country…or is it only for couch co-op?

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