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Xbox One: The Best-Selling Console in America


Xbox One: The Best-Selling Console in America

Xbox One S is the best Xbox yet


  1. Just because the trailers awesome doesn't mean the consoles awesome. I'm not a hater, I'm just trying to make a point.

  2. i really enyojed the video it was good but if you have xbox one thats not working well but working can i get it for free?

  3. MS iit seems like you are running out of time! tic toc… HZD is a masterpice! Where's the exclusives?

  4. I got it for christmas its awesome I came from having the first xbox 360 and all my friends had a xbox one now there jealous cause i got the one s

  5. In terms of the tech itself then yes its the best yet, as it should be.But in terms of the game library. In terms of the decisions made by the devs? in a nutshell this console generation in the worst xbox gen yet.Lets not forget how microsoft almost made it so we needed to be connected to the internet to play games, and that we couldnt let our friends borrow our games. The only reason that didnt happen is because they were forced by the fans. Never forget that!Also, how many xbox exclusives of this generation were actually good? Maybe 5??How many xbox exclusives did the original or the 360 have? And lets also remember that the xbox one launch forced us to get an extra 100 dollar kinect. Also like it or not xbox one lost the console war to ps4 in terms of sales. Meanwhile xbox 360 beat ps3.So how exactly is this the best xbox yet?

  6. it is the same shitbox one but just smaller eaven ps4 have already good games as last of us, beyond 2 souls infamous series and more. the only good game i can come up is the halo series nothing else

  7. Great review. I'm thinking that since I'm not in the market for 4K unless it goes down in price drastically then this ain't for me, but that Gears of War 4 Xbox One S that's coming out sure looks pretty

  8. So if you have 4k .. the UHD Blu-ray player.. is very nice. And upscaled older games? Look really nice!

  9. I've been using the Xbox 360 first model since its come out to this day. But today I decided I want an xbone, and I can't decide whether to get xbone or xbone s.
    I don't have a 4K tv but I just feel like it'd be better to start off with the newest model.
    I can get a 500gb Xbox one s for $299
    Or a 1tb Xbox one for $299
    Knowing me 500gb will be more than enough space.
    What do I do?

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