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Xbox 3 Red Lights – The Cause And The Cure


Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is a great piece of gear, there is no doubt about that. With millions of units being sold around the world this many gaming enthusiasts cannot be wrong but what is happening with this red light error that so many console owners are having to deal with? In this article we will attempt to explain why this is happening and what can be done to limit the chances of it happening to your console and finally what can be done once your xbox calls it a day.

The first train of thought on why these problems are so widespread is that the release date for the system was set before any long term testing could be done and an overheating issue was not discovered. The problem lies in the fact that the heat sinks used are simply not up to the job and the temperatures inside the unit can reach a level where there is potential to do damage to the processing units.

It is also thought that the type of lead-free solder that was used in the circuit boards is not able to withstand this level of heat and over time becomes brittle. This leads to hairline cracks appearing in the solder which in turn breaks the circuit and renders the console un-useable. So it is thought that basically a bad design and unsuitable materials are to blame for these issues.

The best thing you can do to keep your console safe from experiencing the dreaded red ring of death is to use it in a well ventilated area. For instance using the console while it is situated in a cupboard or tv cabinet is a big no-no. The recommended method is to place it on an upturned box in the middle of the room to ensure that fresh, cool air can circulate around all of the cooling vents. This doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have any problems but anything you can do to help is surely a good thing.

Microsoft has not long announced that they have extended the warranty to cover these 3 red light problems, however this only applies if you are the original purchaser of the unit and that the console has not been opened or modified in any way. The turn around time for repair is said to be quite lengthy also and to top it all off, the repair may not always be guaranteed! There is an easier and less time consuming option and that is to fix it yourself.

This may seem a bit daunting for some people however with the right information and help along the way it is really quite easy. This information can be found in the form of repair guides that take you through the repair process step by step and some repair guides also offer video instructions so you can see exactly what is needed to be done. If you have access to a few household tools and an hour or so to spare you can be back playing your favorite game and not stressing over what to do with a faulty xbox!

For access to the original and most comprehensive repair guide please see Xbox 3 Red Lights Repair [http://triedntested.info/archives/27]. Complete video and written instructions come with the repair guide available at [http://triedntested.info/archives/27]

Submitted On April 20, 2008Console SystemsIf you have had anything to do with Microsoft’s Xbox there is a good chance you have heard of the problems that these consoles seem to suffer from. What is the cause of these issues and what can be done to prevent them? In this article we take a look…xbox 3 red lights,microsoft xbox repair,how to repair xbox,repair for xbox 360

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