Home Xbox Forum would sharpie show up on a black xbox controller?

would sharpie show up on a black xbox controller?


i have a boring black xbox controller.will sharpie colors like red and blue and green show up on it

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  1. No. there would be marks but you wouldn’t see them too well. And it wouldn’t look to good. Plus they would look black.

  2. No red will barely show a change and green will turn to black but gold and silver sharpie will work and if you go to best buy thry have a new chrome xbox controller

  3. No, its like putting pencil on black paper.

    I would recommend either putting paint on it (ACRYLIC) or Sharpie metallic (They stand out on black and come in silver or gold)

    But be careful to NOT touch any of the controls/mechanics with it. It may damage it.

  4. The ink would be reflective, but nothing readable, you wouldn’t be able to tell without looking for it. You would need silver / metallic to have it visible

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