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Whats a scary as hell ps3 game?


Im in search of the most terrifying game available on the psn. Ive downloaded Doom 3 BFG and beaten it. It was so/so. I’m currently downloading and waiting on the over 8 gig file which is for Dead Space. Never played it and i was told that its pretty scary. Dont suggest either of the next 2 because I wont do it till Ive completed the 1st one. Thanks


  1. Alan wake! if you haven’t played it you should, you’ll fall of your chair 😀

    iv only played it on PC i’m not too sure if it’s on PS3 but i know it’s on the 360 🙂

  2. Doom was great – when it first came out. Since then, not so much.

    The first Dead Space is outstanding, and is definitely the more scarier of the 3, though 2 is excellent and 3 isn’t bad. After that, Resident Evil 4/5, though 4 is definitely the better of the two. RE5 and 6 take different storylines and start getting more action-oriented, rather than just plain straight-up zombies.

    The original F.E.A.R. was pretty scary as well, though the sequels sucked. It’ll definitely get you cringing.

  3. Get deadspace. It has a LOT of jump scares and a strange haunting feeling. However it’s really good when you play it late at night without lights on. Ads to the atmosphere. Good luck. Also you could get FEAR 2. Quite scary as well. I hope you’re prepared for deadspace. Very Jumpy.

  4. Alan Wake is 360 & PC only

    VGs dnt have that effect on me, but I would recommend.:

    Siren Blood Cures

    Condemned 2 (as u cant get the 1st one on PS3)

    there are other but try those 2.

    also I dnt think they are on PSN.

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