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Top 10 NEW Games of January 2017


Top 10 NEW Games of January 2017


  1. glad to see KH finally getting some love. a lot of people tend to over look it but they're all really great games, especially the HD remakes for console

  2. I might just start off playing gravity rush 2 and skip the first one, am I gonna be missing anything for doing that?

  3. resident evil 7 still good and crazy im playing it on my buddy account in mines i have platinum trophy since the 30 of january

  4. 1:18 when you get a 60% upgrade for bullet mass.
    how come noone noticed this thing for a game thats in the AAA territory?!

  5. There was NO GOOD GAMES in 2016 , Zero, Nothing, None and now we got feb of 2017 and still NOTHING – dev are lazy, and gamers are stupid because they buy this shit and say "its ok, lots of bugs, but this is NORMAL" , "Game is only 10h long but this is ok because DLC is in shops now for next 20$ !! " etc. and this idiots who pre-order games = pay for …. ??? trailer ??

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