Home Xbox Games Road Rage – X1/PS4/PC E3 2016 Demo Gameplay

Road Rage – X1/PS4/PC E3 2016 Demo Gameplay


Road Rage - X1/PS4/PC E3 2016 Demo Gameplay


  1. Road Rash and its weird Cousin Skitchin' (the rollerblading hanging onto cars and beating people up) game need sequels

  2. just wish EA would ditch their now-shitty Need for speed series and give us a proper new Road Rash game

  3. takes 1 hit to knock somone spend half the game in slomo or replaying on your bike i hope that gets changed on full release

  4. That slow mo crap has got to go, also it should take more than one hit to knock some one of a bike. What and kicking people and traffic?

  5. Was road redemption in development before or after this game? they both seem to be coming out with the similar type of game and both are like road rash. I personally think Road redemption looks better and a lot more like road rash than this game does. I wonder which will do better

  6. I've always hoped they would bring back Road Rage. not sure why the player is using that hammer like Thor, seems OTT

  7. I was really missing this game on ps4, since I totally love the old Road Rash Jailbreak, but I'm kinda dissapointed after watching this. I don't like the way they fight. You barely touch them and they fly off? That doesn't look fun. I hope they soon release more gameplay footage, hopefully with a better combat system..

  8. looks like it's gonna last about 1 play through…grab the G and move on. ..loved road rage back on the mega drive …leave old games alone ..this is NEXT GEN not OLD REMASTERS .. think of the players not the paper!!

  9. I like the slo-mo strike hits. (similar to bullet time) Let's hope the finished product is better overall however because I was disappointed with Motorcycle Club.

  10. I hope that's just early footage, or a simple early tutorial level? Issues I see:

    The roads are too wide. The streets and the world is too empty. Attacks have a slow motion effect. There's no road racing style bikes and outfits. That's hopefully not the fastest you can go because it's not fast enough. There's only one attack and attack animation on display. There's no health bars.

    Road Rash was faster, tighter, with more obstacles. There were a few attacks and weapons and, if anything, a modern version with more controller buttons could and should have more. Attacks in the original were sometimes difficult to time, between the speed, oncoming and passing traffic and overall tighter situations – don't put it in slow motion and then ruin the effect. Every attack (the only one, mind you) was a one-hit take down. No fun in that. Where's the running battle with someone around high speed corners and through traffic, threading the needle between a passing and oncoming car? This looks like a tech demo at best.

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