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PS3 – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About MotorStorm RC


PS3 - 10 Things You Didn't Know About MotorStorm RC


  1. okay look, programming wise, i agree, things are complecated, fair play. BUT, in terms of actual gameplay – the actual end result which the consumer see's, and not every consumer know everything about the full efforts of an entire programming team – will either say "like it" or "dont like it" i was refering to this. from what i see, i see nothing original, i still hold my view that from a gameplay design point of view, its a micromachines rip off, so in that aspect, it is a quick cheap idea

  2. boring??? ive spent hours on just the loading screen hitting ramps. This game required a LOT of programming as well. Look into game design, you'd be surprised how much effort something little takes.

  3. nothing unique basically a micro machines rip off from the ps1 days – cheap quick and easy to make with little effort in comparison this is just a quick money maker – looks boring n will no doubt get old v.quick

  4. i didn't say all Americans are stupid. Canadians are pretty intelligent and you should see the stuff Brazil is doing

  5. i downloaded the ps vita version which is now free for a limited time so how do iget the ps3 version?

  6. i am the one who got a 0:00 time on track 1-2 in festival mode, but it's just a glitch i met by accident, but evos had reset all my medals and progress, that really hurt and disappointed a fan of their motorstorm series 🙁

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