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Pit People Beta – Review


Pit People Beta - Review

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  1. Dude! Always fun to encounter a fellow Behemoth fan! 😀 I absolutely love Pit People so far, can't wait for the finished version of the game, and your review was hilarious.

    I am looking forward to more of your content because I just subscribed! (Y)

  2. What is the background music in the first part of you video? I can't seem to place which game it came from!!!

  3. Wow…took you a minute and a half to provide remotely useful information…3 minutes to get into info I care about. Whyy?

  4. You have an awesome style to your videos youre doing something right! keep it constant and youll have more subs than you can count!

  5. You are actually really funny. Your comedic timing and delivery is just really good. Too many youtubers try too hard. Keep it up.

  6. Your game review style is amazballs dude, I enjoyed this immensely and am on my way RIGHT NOW to go suck bahemoths dick, because you were so convincing.

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