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[MLP:FiM] Monopoly Plus: My Little Pony DLC (Xbox One) [Gameplay]


I had to play this game offline with a computer player because it is not supported for online multiplayer games. I added music to the video and it is not originally part of the game.

Music Links:

In Our Town (Instrumental)

I’ll Fly (Instrumental)

Make This Castle A Home (Instrumental)

You’ll Play Your Part (Instrumental)

Shake Your Tail (Instrumental)

Rainbow Rocks (Instrumental)

Under Our Spell (Instrumental)

Welcome to the Show (Instrumental) (Symphonic Metal Cover)

Becoming Popular (Instrumental)

At The Gala (Instrumental)

Winter Wrap Up (Instrumental)

Apples To The Core (Instrumental) (Orchestral)

Hearts Strong As Horses (Instrumental) (Orchestral)

Stop the Bats (Instrumental) (Orchestral)

Game Links:

Monopoly Plus:


My Little Pony DLC:


[MLP:FiM] Monopoly Plus: My Little Pony DLC (Xbox One) [Gameplay]


  1. Is the DLC version of Monopoly Plus compatible with the non-DLC versions online?
    I'm meaning to buy it for achievements and fun, so I wanna know if it's a separate skin that others don't have to see or if it's an add-on to the game.

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