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is it better for overheating purposes to have your PS3 vertical or horizontal?


i was wondering so i dont get the yellow light of death

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  1. the ps3, like the ps2, is made for both standing and sitting down, just keep ur ps3 in an enclosed space if u dont want it to overheat thats all.

  2. Getting the yellow light is VERY rare and you only get it IF you play too long, and it overheats, or you turn the system off from the backswitch while in a game.

    To avoid it, leave in horizontal position with full air flow and you will be fine.

    Also, don’t play for long hours.

  3. Well considering the vents are not obstucted by either position neither will hurt it much. However if you do have it horizontal there is more surface area for radiant heat to be trapped, still probably not enough to worry about. Just avoid keeping it horizontal on carpet. I keep mine horizontal 100% of the time if left it on for days at a time and still no problems, carpet, and everything else. So you should have no worries.

  4. Technically, vertical reduces a little more heat. But it really doesn’t matter. As long as it has plenty of room to breath, it should be fine.

  5. Keep it vertical based on the PS3 manual and the site they say that all the vents are free to blow and that there’s less room on the base of the PS3 to overheat.Oh Yea by the way the Yellow light of death is false(fake). They used photoshop to create it.

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