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How Would I Setup Turtle-beach X31 headset with HDMI?


I’ve ordered myself a Turtle beach x31 Xbox 360 gaming headset but I’ve noticed the setup I currently have doesn’t look too friendly.

Here it is.


XBOX360(HDMI)-> LED PC MONITOR–>Logitech stereo PC speakers(Via Monitor audio output)


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On my pc speakers that are connected to my led monitor there is a control brick with audio adjustment and a single audio out port, the size of an iPods audio in 8mm I think.

Heres a link showing the model:

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On the back of the monitor there is HDMI input, VGA input and an Audio out jack.

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  1. The best way to connect the X31 is to connect the RCA splitter cable on the transmitter to the RCA stereo output jacks on the XBOX. If you don’t have the stereo RCA outputs, then you can connect the transmitter input to the heapdhone ouptut on your speakers. Another way is to use a splitter cable on the monitor audio output jack to send one signal to the speakers and the other to the X31 transmitter.

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