Home Playstation Forum How do i fix this major skyrim problem on ps3?

How do i fix this major skyrim problem on ps3?


I have the dlcs hearthfire and dawngaurd and have putt in many hours building my houses and collecting hundreds of crossbow bolts and got tired of the game freezing when I entered water I would need to swim in. so I uninstalled the update and reinstalled the update and game data. that solved that problem, but my houses disappeared and fort dawngaurd also. reinstalled the dlcs, houses are still gone and someone came asking if I wanted to join dawngaurd again. walked along the path to the fort since I needed to rediscover it but just before I pass through the entrance in the large stone wall I run into an invisible barrier saying I cannot go that way!? If anyone has had to solve this please help!! And thank you Bethesda for the headache at the end off a very long wait for the dlc.

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  1. You buy a better version. ps3 is the worst way to play skyrim. I can’t go into a city without killing all the guards due to a quest glitch.

    A moment of silence for the bretheren on ps3

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