Home Xbox Forum How do i fix my xbox 360 wired headset?

How do i fix my xbox 360 wired headset?


2 days ago my hearing stopped on the headset but now today my mic broke so i can’t even communicate. Is there any solution to fix this problem

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  1. It sounds like the plug on the headset has some problems. You may simply need to get a new headset, unless you have the means to check the wires that attach to the plug.

    It’s also possible that the input jack has come loose a bit. If you look at it closely, you’ll see two small indentations opposite each other. If you can get a screwdriver into those (or even something like a nail file), and tighten the jack, it MIGHT help.

    Be sure to do this with the power OFF and the box unplugged. You obviously don’t want to get zapped.

    Chances are good, though, that it’s the plug rather than the jack. If that’s the case, one or more wires in the plug is probably broken, and the headset is just going to need to be replaced. Unless it’s some kind of non-standard plug, any good headset with a microphone should do the job.

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