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Hi why many gamers heavily criticize the Medal of Honor game?


Hi I’ve been a gamer for more then 14 yrs now & I have been playing Medal of Honor franchise since it came out in the Sony PS1 console. Now that the new Medal of Honor is out, many dumb dumb gamers they criticize the MOH because is not like (Modern Warfare 1-2) & is also base on true story? Well first of all, all MOH games are true story that took place in WW2 but except (Jimmy Patterson-OSS) he was a myth. All of the Call of Duty franchise games where base on true story too but nobody criticize the game. I don’t know. The fact that if it wasn’t for COD:Black Ops, gamers will be saying like “Dude Medal of Honor man is sick” or “Better then MW2”.

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  1. Simple: We will get more bang for the buck in COD: Black Ops as we did in COD: WaW with the zombie and arcade modes. Also, there were reportedly some bugs and glitches in the new MOH game, making us think that it was rushed as a re-dressing of BFBC2.

  2. If you look at the answers to a lot of question regarding MOH its usually Fan boys and Some Fan girls ranting about how they did not like it. It does have its problems just as COD or BFBC2 has its problems. They are just stuck on the now and only concentrate on what is in. Your right if it was not for Black Ops they may have a different opinion of the game. To be honest BFBC2 was just ok nothing too special. Way to easy to snipe in the game. COD games are great and all but have major problems with all the hacks and modders which really take away from the game. Some say the game was to short and the online maps were to small which I think is fun since it keeps the combat aspect evolving as you play.

  3. Because if a similar game isn’t JUST LIKE the popular one it automatically sucks. Which I think is a really stupid way of criticizing games.

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