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Cryptark | PC Gameplay & First Impressions


Cryptark | PC Gameplay & First Impressions


  1. Dint think anyone else has really put this together yet and mentioned it behind their personal spaces, but it seems like they will be making this game take place in the same universe as their Capsized game. It could just be a coincidence, but they mention the rechargeable blaster as part of most "Capsized Kits."

    being that both titles are space sci fi, have done physics play and carry done similar artistic approach, I think this could be very likely linked to that same suggested universe. If so, I'm rather looking forward to seeing how they may continue building this universe and seeing where potential crossing over of stories could take place. I'm a long time fan of such, I'm a big fan of SNK's ever evolving universe for instance.

  2. thank you for the video. That being said you are really really bad at this game… it reminds me of me lol

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