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(ウイニングポスト8)Winning Post 8 Gameplay


Game: Winning Post 8 (ウイニングポスト8)
Platform: PC
Gamer: hkkane
Gameplay Date: 01 April 2014
Walkthrough Part./
Note: /

(ウイニングポスト8)Winning Post 8 Gameplay

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  1. damn ive been playing winning post 1 for saturn, i can't figure out how to get my own farm tho

  2. we need this in english, for PC. i have only ever played the original 25 or so yrs ago. i have the original i can play on an emulator, but i'd so love to have the graphics etc from NOW.

    i love ya koei, i also love youe UWO, great idea to turn another of my faves into an mmo. but i really really want this one. i even spoke with one of your reps back 25-ish yrs ago, told her how much i enjoyed everything from koei, and she was kind enough to send me her card and couldnt have been more friendly. so BE FRIENDLY, HELP A BRO OUT N MAKE AN ENGLISH VERSION OF THIS FFS.

  3. I only ever played the first Winning Post, and I believe it was the only one ever released in the USA…  Damn Koei for not releasing this (or any other game in this series) in English!!  First the modern SimCity series broke my heart, and now this!

  4. I have a quick question about this game. I used English Microsoft Window. When the game ask me to enter my name, the game ask me to enter "half-corner words". So I can't even enter any word into the game. How can you do it?

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