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Why won’t my Xbox 360 play Original Xbox games?


when i insert the disk it tells me there might be a compatibility update available but when i connect to xbox live it doesnt update at all so im assuming my xbox is fully updated. im trying to play Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic® II: The Sith Lords which is on the list of compatible xbox games. i have harddrive attached to my xbox so thats not the problem ive searched every where and still havent found a solution just the say things saying that you need to update and that you have to have a compatible game or that you need a harddrive i have all that but it still wont work plz help

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  1. Do you start the game while you are connected to Xbox Live? Do you have a legit official Microsoft hard drive? Those generic chinese ones will not work with it. Also if you just have the 4GB console that is not a hard drive.

  2. Your Console Needs To Be Updated To Run XBOX Games And Some XBOX Games Will Not Work On The Console. Go To The Website Posted To See If Its Compatible

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