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Sam & Max (HD) – The Devils Playhouse – Episode 1 Review and Gameplay!!!


Sam & Max (HD) - The Devils Playhouse - Episode 1 Review and Gameplay!!!

Villain Reveal (SPOILER) - Sam & Max - The Devils Playhouse - Episode 5 Gameplay


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  2. FUCK i miss thos cool 2d adventure games like monkey island 1&2 and indiana jones & the fate of atlantis…. and not forgetting the Day of the tentacles! my all time favorite i can play that game from begin to end in less than 30 min!!!! 

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  4. this Review is good but at the start of the review you say if you havent play a sam and max game befor the opening of the game wont make sense if you havent play any sam and max games b4 but the opening to this game dosent make any sense at all just out of nowhere sam an max our in a cage with some monkey an stinky is there an again out of nowhere max has new powers where did he get them from the opening of this game is pretty poor

  5. on the ps3 it's not point and click it control the same way as the broken sowrd game that released on the ps2 it's more of a walk around with the left analog stick (x) for action triangle to gose to max's point of view .

  6. @theawesome288 i know it's a way way way too late reply and you might already known but yes it dose have trophies but no platinum.

  7. I just played the whole season. I have to say that episode 1 & 2 especialy 2 are the strongest of the whole season. Didn't care to much for episaode 3 and it slowly picks up in episode 4 but just doesn't get the same feel as the first two episodes down…

  8. @theawesome288 y it has trophies and has a mechanic u use with max's mental powers so it's not pure point and click.

  9. Well, in the end, he didn't really orchestrate the events behind the whole season. Nor does he seem evil or good, he was just a prominent episode villain working for himself, if he's a villain at all in the end. I actually like him better this way, now that I think of it, him being just plain evil would ruin all the coolness he's shown in this episode! This way he's not even neutral, he's… something special.

  10. The Narrator was the villain, it was already speculated by people many times…

    But he being part of Max's BRAIN?! Anne Boonie's parrot smoking at the copa cavana at a hannukah party! THAT got me!

  11. @thegr8estone I also was thinking that this guy is suspicious. But I didn't expected him to be part of Max. Why was he narrating stuff anyway? And why he wasn't even mementioned in first two seasons? And how a console gamer is supposed to know the full story if first two seasons are on X360 and Wii and the third one is on PS3 and Ipad? And will Zeitgeist guy put the ending on youtube? And why there is no Bosco this time around? And is he still naked?

  12. I Always KNEW the Narriator was the Viallian this whole time ever since the begining, next thing you'll know he'll also admit he was secertly the Commisstioner this whole time! Nice try Narriaotr you can't fool us this Time! XD

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