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GameSpot Reviews – Scourge: Outbreak


Is Scourge: Outbreak the shooter we’ve all been waiting for? No. It’s awful. Really, really awful.

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GameSpot Reviews - Scourge: Outbreak


  1. I am stuck at level 2.4, as I am solo in normal difficulty, and my teammates keep dying. It looks like those critters keep spawning endlessly. I regret wasting 2 hours playing this shit, even if it's just zero buck, don't recommend this game.

  2. way to compare a multi million dollar budget games like gow, crysis to a game with a shoe box budget! Great job gamespot

  3. You cunts, You couldn't at least record this footage with normal brightness/contrast ? 
    Even more so, starting out with: its shit, just isnt good journalistics 

  4. Truthfully, I'm enjoying this game. The story and dialogue is a bit convoluted and it does contain way more shooter and action game tropes than could be considered healthy, but the important thing is that it is still fun to play. The AI is a bit sketchy, but your AI teammates are effective for reviving you and do well with proper micromanaging if you play solo. It's also challenging at it's highest difficulty, I can't speak for anything lower, I haven't tried them. I can't speak about the pvp component yet, I haven't tried it.

  5. Love the truly awful review this game received.  Makes me believe in the integrity of reviewers again.  Good job man.

  6. this reminds me of a game called salvation prophecy…a low budget game came out recently I think gamespot reviewed it also I picked it up and ended up really enjoying it so I may give this a shot too

  7. These comments are making me laugh. Stop being a fucking saint, this game is awful and no different reviewer will change that.

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