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Do I need the manual or map to play GTA 4 on PS3? Do I need a code to play online?


Hi, I just bought grand theft auto 4 for the PS3. I bought it online and the seller notified me after the purchase that the game has no manual or map, but the disc obviously is fine and comes with it. I got it so cheap I don’t really care about my money, but I am new to gaming and was wondering if the manual is really needed or not to play this game?

I found the map online and I’m not too worried about that, but I didn’t know if the manual was really needed for anything.

And do I need a code to play this online for the PS3? Because if that’s the case, my last PS3 game had a code on the manual for online play, and if you didn’t have it you had to pay to get a code to play online.

Anyways, thanks for your time and I will choose a best answer:)


  1. No, games didnt start using online codes until 2010, GTA IV is a 2008 game. Also, the pause menu has a map of the game, its pretty hard to miss whenever. you pause the game

  2. well i play on the xbox 360 but this is how i do it.(only experience on ps3 was playing Vice City)

    No u don’t need a code to go online. press up on the D-pad, go to multiplayer on your phone, and choose which one (i like free mode :). There’s a map in the game when u press start and theres a mini radar in the bottom left corner

    manual isn’t need to play! just press buttons and play the story mode to fugure out what to do and how to do it 🙂

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