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Why would i need 120gb not to mention even 20gb of hard drive on my Xbox 360?


Whats all the things you can save on the hard drive other than game saves?

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  1. game demos, original xbox games that you may download, DLC (downloadable content), movies, trailers, music.

    Basically the 20Gb would be enough for the gamer who just plays games and doesnt use their console for vast amounts of extras.

    The 120Gb is for those who like to have all their music on the hard drive and may download loads of material from Xbox Live Marketplace.

  2. well i know for example my friend had a mod chip installed and you can download the game from the disc onto the hard drive with the mod chip. My friend actually had to buy a 500gb hard drive becuase he had downloaded so many games onto the hard drive that he had run out of space.

  3. You can download movies which take up a decent amount of space. Also tv shows and music, music videos and other games such as xbox originals and arcade games. Dude I agree with you and get the lowest possible hd because all you need it is for games. I see no point in buying tv shows on your xbox when you can get them online for free. You get these things on the xboxlive market place. Almost forgot, you can download maps and song packs (rock band and guitar hero) for games. Hope I helped!

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