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Ultratron – Launch Trailer – PS4 PS3


Ultratron – Launch Trailer PS4 PS3
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Ultratron - Launch Trailer - PS4 PS3

7 Ultra Rare PS4 Trophies We'll Never Unlock - Part 2


  1. The close shave one is quite easy if you have a jet
    youalso do half of it to get 100 percent so why not just do the rest?

  2. mirrors edge had some pesky ones such as, complete the game without firing a single shot or finish the game without killing anyone

  3. I've unlocked "Close Shave" in GTA V twice: Xbox 360 and Ps4. (Along with all others) So technically, I have platinumed GTA V twice(although most of the trophies carried over)

  4. i have the Star Wars Battlefront platinum, i did that trophy the legit way…but god knows i almost went bald out of frustration.

  5. The GTA V Close Shave was so annoying… I was stuck on one of the knife flights just because the counter was bugged… I did it but nothing popped up. So I just thought I didn't make it and repeated it for 8 hours. Then I gave up and completed the rest of them and found out that I made the previous one right at the beggining! 8 hours wasted .. At least I have the platinum now

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