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Sound Shapes (PS3) – Gameplay – First Levels


First two levels of Sound Shapes, “Hills n’ Spills” and “Sparkle Darkle”. Direct gameplay, no editing. Just started playing the game so, yes, I make many mistakes xD. Enjoy, it’s a great game.

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Sound Shapes (PS3) - Gameplay - First Levels

Beck’s first song on the PSN game Sound Shapes.
Also, the first video in the “Awww Sheeee, TurboMan got himself a Game Capture device” series… so I’m testing that out.

Sound Shapes: Beck

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  1. Gracias. No, no se puede jugar a dos, pero es un juego realmente divertido y con creador de niveles. Saludos

  2. This one is my favorite out of all the songs I drew a picture of this and it came out very good when I was 10

  3. The music is great but The player's Skill is Very "Very Poor" But sorry to say I had To dislike it considering It was Very Painful To watch

  4. This level reminds me of Cobb's Limbo from Inception. "I don't know if it's all made up" "You weren't made for this place"

  5. Music Teacher: Okay class for your final exam, you must create your own song on Sound Shapes, then you will present it to me and watch me fail a lot. Instant A :D

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