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PS4 – PlayStation Store First Look


PS4 - PlayStation Store First Look


  1. I have the ps3 crossbuy for bf4 to ps4 but i cant find it on the ps4 and i cant see my download lost neither:/ HELP???

  2. When i go to the Ps Store it only shows me the News and Movies and then my library, redeem code and etc and i can't see the games or demos NOTHINGCan someone please help me?

  3. why do I need to enter my country and birth date … when I opened the ps stor for the first time on one of my user (without a psn id) …. does the country change what we'll see on the store…I mean will it show something less … ? (only available in that country)

  4. Finding games on the Playstation store is a paon in the ass.  I even tried the search method for fat princess which i found but I also found a bunch of tv shows / movies I only want to search for downloadable games.  Anyways I find fat princess but it will not let me buy the game only rent WTF!!!?!?

  5. hallo too everyone and happy new year..cant i bye in the playstation store a game in ps4????/it is possibble???

  6. Sony updated the ps3 store abd made it almost exactly like this… They made the ps4 store for the ps3, look how laggy it is on the ps3. Look at the fucking lag. Its clearly not meant to be handled good for the ps3. It looks great and looks like it run smooth on the ps4, but why put it on the fucking ps3?? The older one was a lot better. Why make us have to wait for 5 minutes for a search to come up??? Why sony fuck you sony fuck you I cant even find my old download history since you updated it. Fuck you

  7. En la Play4 desde Playstation store, se pueden comprar juegos de la playstation 3? tales como uncharted…

  8. some one respond pls , ok so I   have gtav downloaded on the ps3, when  i get the ps4 will I still have the game in my download list?

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