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ps3 firmware updates in india / updates in game titles.?


i live in india.

in the ps3 us site they recommend us not to upgrade the firmware if we aren’t in north america. how safely can i try this.? what warranty problems could i face if i get a problem later.? and i dont see any actual links in the site for download. how to download it to a pendrive.?

also is there any online listings as to which game titles contain firmware upgrades for the PS3 and the version that i can get in india.

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  1. Well, I live in Mexico and I have an American Account (also) and I update from my ps3 and I don’t have any problems

    They tell you not to update via us pc site but if you do it directly from your ps3 you won’t have any problems

  2. Dont upgrade it I read an article:

    Just last week Sony released firmware update 2.40, but just a day after Sony had to withdraw the update following some problems. However PS3 Update 2.41 is now availble, which Sony say will overcome all the problems from 2.40.

    The short lived 2.40 firmware update was meant to allow in-game use of the XMB, along with support for trophies, which was going to be PlayStation 3’s answer to Xbox 360 achievements.

    2.40 had to be withdrawn as there were major configuration problems with the update, Sony are still not clear where the problem came from, however they do say that 2.41 will overcome all those problems.

    Many people will now be wondering if they should update to 2.41, many gamers might be playing chicken with others, just to see if they get the same troubles as the previous update gave them.

    If you are one of the first to update your PS3 to 2.41, then please comment below and let us know if it all worked fine for you.

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