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LittleBigPlanet – Episode 1


LittleBigPlanet - Episode 1


  1. Hello all,
    Question: can we play 2 players? If yes, do you need official dual shock PS3? Thanks.

  2. It feels like just yesterday he made this video and I was surprised that it was made in 2014

  3. Wait this came out 2007 ? If so I was 1 when it came out I love this game I play it on my PS3

  4. I have a big connection I played all the littlebigplanet games like 1,2,3 racing and psp and vita

  5. thank you sir! i barely see little big planet 1 being talked about or played these days ;-;

  6. i use to play this when i was 5 or 6 and i loved it. It brings back such fun memories that i could cry. :(

  7. is this little big planet 1 because im getting a psp and i want to know if this is the first one

  8. Hiii! I'm new to your channel, I was thinking about this game and then you were the first thing that popped up and you played since you were '18' and rn I'm 18 and I loved this game..I still have the book! I haven't played the new ones yet! and thank you for doing this! you just earned a sub :)

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