Home Playstation Games INSURGENCY SANDSTORM – Realistic FPS coming to PS4 / Xbox

INSURGENCY SANDSTORM – Realistic FPS coming to PS4 / Xbox


INSURGENCY SANDSTORM - Realistic FPS coming to PS4 / Xbox

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  1. Its coming out for PC as well. Thats why its taking a long time but when it gets added to PC, im for sure imma put everything to max, if u said it already then i apologize.

  2. Thought, 'meh, this guy is an ok youtuber'. Then right before I was about to back out of vid. You give me the awesome darude: Sandstorm comedy reference and changed everything. Subbed, liked, commented solely for that. Can I get link now to donate to you for funny comedy reference also please?

  3. What are the ballistic physics like? Do bullets arrive instantly like lasers or is there bullet drop with a realistic velocity calculated, requiring lead for fast moving targets at distance?

  4. I've been playin Insurgency for almost a year now on pc.have 314 hours on it. I stopped playing Black Ops 3 after I bought this.Besides the fact it is tactical-realistic, it's super fun too! had some serious laughs throughout many plays!

  5. Wow, this maybe saves my year after all, since call of duty is completely dead, Insurgency sounds like they know whats up!

  6. If they get a proper good sound engine like BF2 Project Reality has, I will get it.
    As of now I can't hear if an enemy rushes towards me. Footseps…. was a key strategy of even Counter Strike 1.6. That and using the mini map.

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