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I have a ps3 60gb with two controllers, how much should i sell it for?


also 60gb is rare they don’t make them any more, and also where should i sell it?
its mint condition. and also 4 new games. so how much would that be an where shuld it be sold.
Update 2:
Jake M i was thinking of selling my ps3 for an xbox, what shop did u trade it in?
Update 3:
yes i liked the ps3 now im boared of it and i want an xbox 360 because al my mates has got it. im selling ps3 60gb controllers and 3 games resistance 2,cod 5,fifa 09, how much would it be i £

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  1. well since it is not new i would say about €400 that still might be a bit much

    And there is also an 80gb out now so not many people may be interested

    You could try ebay to see how much it would go for but that is a bit risky

    I would buy a controller off you if you want just email me your cheapest price

  2. Online is probably the best way to sell or local newspaper. and sell it for $300 thats a soild price and probably sell quickly

  3. I would personally keep the PS3 but.

    With 2 controllers, throw in a game maybe around $600 because they are rare. If you don’t get any customers, drop it to $550 or $500

  4. wow dude you will get around $300 to 450 for them i suggest you to go and ask the shop to buy it from where you bought it. i did the same for my ps1 controller and in india now their are no more the person instead gave me a wireless ps2 controller

  5. All i gotta say is why the fuc* would you sell a PS3 they have amazing games if you want a real fun game get Resistance 2.

  6. dont!

    do what i did and trade it all in for and xbox and games and stuff

    ask the guys at the shop to give you a deal and they will

    for me for my 40gb console 2 controllers and 4 games

    i got:


    2 controllers

    cod 5

    fifa 09

    2 rubbish children games

    gears of war 1 and 2

    xbox live

    wireless adapter

    trust ps3 is rubbish compared to xbox!

  7. u could sell it for at least 300 to 375 bucks. why would u want to trade in ur ps3? xbox 360’s suck!

  8. You would make more from just selling it on Amazon, they go for at least 400 dollars because people are dying for the BC.

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