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Hunted The Demon’s Forge Walkthrough Part 1 (XBOX 360, PS3, PC)


Hunted The Demon's Forge Walkthrough Part 1 (XBOX 360, PS3, PC)


  1. dude before you comment you should read all of the conversation. plus i made the comment a year ago. topic is dead.

  2. Okay… I did multiplayer first (until scene 1.4). After that, I played alone, but I chose to start at 1.1 I couldn't find the epiloque in the list, should I really have to start a new savegame for that?

  3. i agree graphics don't usually matter but they advertised this game as cutting edge graphics and gameplay. Some of my all time faves are from the super nintendo days. lol. so yeah graphics dont matter i guess its just that they lied and i dont like false advertisement.

  4. Putting conflict aside,I honestly don't get how someone can judge a game for it's graphics.I mean,older games have "outdated" graphics and are still fun to play.2d games are now back and games liek Christine are painted.Flash games are everyday fun and besides,many games that focus on graphics,ruin their gameplay elements.I have asked people before how come they care for graphics more than for gameplay,and most people would just say it's because "that's what new games are about"… :/

  5. I like the best of the best games. when i pay $60+ dollars i want my moneys worth ive been gaming since i was 4 years old and I'm now 29. Game sellers are out to get your money this is a clear fact. point is yeah hunted may be fun to play but when the graphics are not the greatest and i have to pay $60 for unpolished title at the time compared to a game like the original bioshock at the time its a no brainer. you guys all knock me but personally when i buy a game i want my full moneys worth.

  6. I just hate how new gamers bash games for graphics."Your" opinion is the opinion of most gamers now adays which is why I believe you only have it because you are a kid(like every so called "next gen gamer").Apparently you bash a game for graphics and such opinions are the reason of many great games not being liked by the mojority of poeple(your kind).So technically,I don't hate your opinion.I hate your way of juding a game.

  7. Because you didn't like my opinion you insult me with comments like little kid when i am far from that. grow up, everyone is entitled to their opinions. Try moving out of your mothers basement before you make your next comment k thanks.

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