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How to Copy a PS3 Game – Be Smart and Back Up Your Video Games


If you’re an avid gamer with a PlayStation 3 you’re likely all too aware just how expensive games are these days, you also know how easily a game could be scratched an rendered unplayable, it’s for these reasons that many PS3 gamers want to find out how to copy a PS3 game or games for their game collection. Current technology has made it simple to make backup copies of your PS3 games, this article will give you some brief instructions on how to do it.

Let’s get to it shall we? Here’s what you need to make a backup of your PS3 collection: First you’re going to need the PS3 game you intend to copy, of course, you will also need a computer that is able to burn DVDs, DVD burning software, and either some blank writable DVDs or another media you plan to burn the copy to.

It’s a very easy process with the proper equipment and software. Load the PS3 game you wish to copy onto your computer, start your DVD burning software and copy the files of the original game.

As far as software goes, you have a few good option for backing up PS3 games. You can search around the internet for some free software to download and install to your computer, or you can purchase software which is far more advisable.

The reason I recommend purchasing the software over downloading freeware online is that with free software you’ll likely end up requiring 4 or 5 different programs just to copy your game.

When you purchase a professional program you’ll only need that program itself, look for software with the ability to copy in one click where all that’s required is to merely load your game into the computer and start the program, it will be able to take the files and burn them to your blank disc.

There’s no simpler way to copy a PS3 game. Start making backup copies of your games in order to keep your collection safe.

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Submitted On July 06, 2009Console GamesIf you know how to copy a PS3 game you are miles ahead of others. The Playstation 3 is one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market and nothing that comes with it is cheap. That is why you should know how to back up your games. Read on to…how to copy a ps3 game,playstation 3

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