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GameSpot Reviews – Lone Survivor


Eric Neigher dives deep into the psyche of this survival horror Indie game, Lone Survivor.

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GameSpot Reviews - Lone Survivor

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  1. I thought of maybe getting this while it's still on sale but I haven't finished Home yet.. These feel kinda like long lost Commodore 64 games.. 

  2. Just got this on ps4. Played a little bit of it. I can definitely see alot of Silent Hill influence going on. Think I might like this alot!

  3. Got this Gem on gog.com , for like $3 , making my way through the start of it now, and its pretty dam creepy and depressing for sure. but as a horror fan thats a good thing!

  4. The game is beautiful, one of my favorite games I've played it for PS3 and for PS VITA, but the Trophies are ridiculous, they take forever to get.
    I totally recommend it, it's free on PS PLUS for PS3 and VITA, get it now!

  5. I tried it but I don't like it, its well made but I am not a fan of "horror" or close to horror sort of games 

  6. Why do all games get high ratings. This should get a 6. To many hate mail by kids if you rate games below 7 lol.

  7. Just beat this game in 3 hours and loved the theme to it. I haven't played a survivor horror this year and glad I started with this one cause it sure was great. 

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