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Assetto Corsa Review – Should You Buy on the PS4 or Xbox One?


Assetto Corsa Review - Should You Buy on the PS4 or Xbox One?


  1. Thanks for saving me 40 bucks, also, where the fuck are the graphics at, looks likes ass, pc could've kept this shit

  2. Best looking racing game on console?Just alone from screenshots and videos I know that project cars,forza and driveclub look better well driveclub maybe is the best looking racing game on any system

  3. bought this today, honestly trash. Playing on a controller is cancer at the best of times. Ive never played such a let down of a racing game.
    You cant even turn some of the cars, i dont mean "aww the steering is terrible", i mean "i try and turn left at like 50 km/h and the front tires go full lock, the car redlines and the car just pushes along regardless, barely turning".
    Disgusting waste of a game when it had such a good reputation.

  4. If there is xbox guys over here i've got a question.

    I'm maybe not a simracer (i do play forza but it's arcady)

    My question is: is it playable with a controller and not a wheel? cause i'm not gone afford a wheel (not enaugh place in my flat for this)

  5. I was thinking of buying this but idk, no cheap beater cars that I can modify and take online. I really just want another midnight club

  6. You don't need to choose your wheel or calibrate the dead zone for wheel and pedals. The game is just perfect plug and play. 100% accurate.

    And It's true we need mapping on console. For exemple, since the last update we can't turn the view left and right…. Heuuuu wtf!

    And I totally agree with all you said. With all the update (since your Review and for upcoming weeks) I think the only thing we need is tracks and yes a better end race. Teleporting in the pit, c'mon lol it's so weird. The Mazda Raceway tracks is coming, but for sure we want more American tracks.

    Assetto corsa overall don't look like a 'game'. It's a simulator, but with all the update (specially with the new HUD, tire temperature etc etc) it's look better, but it's more like a 'hotlap' game. I don't have a lot of fun in race…

    But Assetto Corsa is for me the best racing game on console. For sure! I play a lot and just love it. I tried to play again Project Cars last week and I just can't. I can't play anymore with the Project Cars's physics.

    Note: I have a good gaming Pc, but I play racing game on console because I don't want to play with my 23 inch monitor of my Pc and I don't want to move my heavy big Pc next to my 42 inch TV. If one day I buy a house, I gonna probably have a room for gaming and yes I will use my Pc, but for now I play racing game on Ps4

  7. "Dumb Gran Turismo Players"
    The only game to turn gamers into professional race car drivers and the PC fanboys call it dumb. What a bunch of fucking idiots.

  8. This review saved me money. For what you get, this game is over priced, and DLC is just a cash grab. I'm still enjoying Project Cars at some tracks. I think consoles will be on par with PC with Xbox Scorpio…but we thought that would happen with Xb1.

  9. Thanks 4 this review. Was going to buy but small amount of tracks. The ending sucks. I'll wait til someone gives theirs away.

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