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red rings of death RROD xbox 360?


ok. I am trying to send this in to Microsoft.

I have 3 specific questions

1) how long will it take for them to fix it?

2) what do I have to send to Microsoft? Just the console itself?

3) when they send it back to me, what do they send along with the console?

thank you so much.!

Best answerer will get 10 pts thank you!

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  1. I’ve sent my 360 back 3 times now.

    1)Quicker if you complain and tell them how upset you are, also if you call about a week into it. Quickest I’ve got mine was a week. Longest was 2 months. Complaining will get you far with Microsoft.

    2)You’ll have to send just the console, no hard drive, no cables, no faceplates. Mind you that if you have a modded xbox they wont fix it. Make sure your game out.

    3)When they send you your console they’ll send you either your old console fixed or a refurbished 360. Also they’ll send you a free month of xbox live.

    I have experienced where they sent back another xbox and it was broken still. I just called back and they sent me a box within a week for free.

    I hope I’ve been hopeful. Good luck.

  2. I had the same problem back in march and wow it worked out with me. What i did was call the company first off the guy told me this happens alot he said to take the console itself and be prepared to wait until the bnox comes for the xbox itself this was a 3 to 5 day wait but i only had to wait 2. it takes them 7 to 10 business days to fix and get back i sent mine away on a friday and recieved the next. When they send you the newe xbox it is brand new. In the box they also send you a complimentary month free of xbox live so there your info your welcome

  3. Hey I had your same problem about 2 months ago. It will take about a month for them to fix it (may be more or less), I believe it is just the console. And when they send it back you will get a card for one month of xbox live to make up for the month it was gone. Hope i could help :))

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