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xbox 360?i need hfgfgfgfgfgfgfgfg?


i am looking to get a 360 and was wondering

if i get a arcade edition the add ahardrive is it like the 360 pro

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  1. Yes, but it’s a better deal to get a 360 Pro instead of an Arcade then a hard drive. Why?

    Hard drives are usually like $150 (US Dollars) and 360 Arcades are $200 (USD).

    150 + 200 = $350

    Pros are $300.

    So basically, if you get an arcade + hard drive, you’ll be paying $50 more and getting 60 GB more space (which in my opinion is useless). 60 GB is more than enough for the 360. If you like media, just stream it from your computer thru your network (router) and to the 360.

  2. XBox 360 Arcade has no HD, so if you add a hard drive it is similar to the PRO. Here is what you are looking at cost wise:

    XBox 360 Arcade w/ HDMI $170 at Dell (5 arcade games and everything you need)

    Add the Hard Drive Bundle$81.59 at Dell (60 GB,3 month XBL card, ethernet, and headset)

    Total $251.59

    XBox 360 PRO w/ 60 GB , Indiana Jones game, Kung-Fu Panda game, and all the fixings)


    I would grab the Pro with the two full games. These are good deals. I got the coupon codes to get these prices if u need.

  3. If you get the arcade and then add a 60 gb hard drive, it will be a pro, more or less. The pro has the metal DVD drive while the arcade still has the matte white DVD drive. You also don’t get the component-composite cables.

    A 60 gb hard drive is 100 bucks. It’s better to just get the premium because you get more stuff.

  4. find a used one on craigslist.org i found one whole system 4 games two controllers 20gb harddrive for only $150 just make sure you hook it up and test it first before you buy. watch for the red lightsss. woooo. red lights are fixable.

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