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Xbox 360 wired controller not working?


I have an xbox 360 wired controller that I’ve bought from GameStop and had for quite a while now. The thing is that whenever I connect it to a computer or an xbox, the only thing it does it light up the 1st and 4th player light for a second and turn off, and that’s all it does. I’ve connected it to 5 different computers running different OS. I’ve tried Win XP,Win Vista, Win 7, Mac OSX(snow leopard), and Ubuntu. All I’d does is turn on those two lights. I’ve also tried it with 3 different xbox(arcade,elite, elite s) and nothing. Anyone got a clue to what wrong with it? Microsoft and GameStop does not fix controllers and I can’t afford to buy a new one.

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  1. John has a dumb answer. To tellthe truth, I think the controller is just old. my wired controllers are so old that when the wire moves just a little bit, it acts as if its been unplugged. you could try ebay.com or amazon for a cheap one maybe.

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