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Xbox 360 to PC (laptop) internet?



I got a laptop with a wireless modem and running it to 360 with the standard ethernet cable. I can play music etc through the xbox, but when i try to test connection it doesn’t even read the network bit? I’m a bit confused because it reads when I play music and videos but it doesn’t work when I test it?

Please help.


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  1. In order to sign in to xbox live thru your laptop simply do the following:

    1. Have your laptop on and running internet thru its wireless

    2. Plug the ethernet cord into your laptop and xbox 360

    3. On your task bar right click on your internet icon and click Network and Sharing Center

    4. Then on the left hand side of the window click on Manage Network connections (its the fifth option)

    5. Then on the icon for your wireless internet connection right click and select Properties (if use account controls pop-up just hit ok)

    6. Select the sharing tab and then check the box that says Allow other network users connect thru this computers internet connection.

    7. Click OK and then just click the upper right red x and you are done viola you can get on xbox live thru your laptop

    But the reason it reads your music and video files is because it just like file sharing between two computers it can access your computers hard drive and such but unless you do the above steps your laptop will prevent it from connecting the internet.

  2. If you mean you tested connection from the XBox side, that doesn’t mean anything, as that is meant to test connection to the Internet, not to your PC.

    Also, to let the XBox out to the Internet, you have to turn on Internet connection sharing, and it’ll likely overload your Wireless Modem unless you got unlimited data plan.

    Kasey C, PC guru since Apple II days

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