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Xbox 360 Sound and No Video?


I have an older model of an Xbox 360. MFR Date is 2006-01-26 to be exact. Anyway yesterday while playing Left For Dead 2 my screen stayed green colored for half the match. I thought it was a game error or something. I finished up the game and went to the dashboard screen and it was still green. I reset the system and it seemed fine after that. Today I started up the system and it was green again. I reset the system and when I powered it back on I had sound and no video at all. I tried going from component to normal AVI cables and had the same issue. I tried it on another TV and had the same issue. I read it can be a video card error. Im going to buy a new cord tomorrow to test it out. If it isnt the cord could it be anything other then fatal hardware?. If it could be anything else Let me know. If you know any fixes for it let me know. I cant send it back to Microsoft since my warranty is up.

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  1. You unfortunately need to get the system repaired. It will end up costing you $99 if you do it through xbox.com which I recommend.

  2. what splash log said but are you sure its not just your T.V. I had the same problem 3 months ago and it turned out it was just my T.V.

  3. It could be the cords. But it sounds more like you are headed for an E74. If there was a problem with the cords, you would get one red light upon startup. What you are describing normally means the GPU (graphic processing unit) is separating from the mother board inside the Xbox. Causing 3 red rings commonly known as RROD. Microsoft will repair that for a fee, but you are better off buying a new Arcade model and putting your previous hard drive on that. Mine went green with vertical lines, then the next time I booted it- E74. Fail.

    If you do get an E code, many people wrap the system in a towel, turn it on and purposely let it over heat, which will cause the system to automatically turn itself on. The thought behind that is forcing the heat sync gel to melt and close the circuit to the mother board. This will work, but only temporarily. Not to mention it is a fire hazard.

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