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xbox 360 new vs. used vs. gamestop refurbished?


ok i want to buy a xbox 360 pro refurbished from gamestopso i want to know how it compares to a pre-owned and to a new one. i think it is okay to trust gamestop with getting a refurbished console. am i right? cuz it is definitely better then trusting ebay on something like this. it comes with a one year worrenty, and is it worth the money? the place i found it is : [url is not allowed].

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  1. Sounds like a good deal and I would rather purchase from a reputible store such as Game Stop vs on Ebay or Craigslist. I would imagine you shouldn’t suffer the RROD since these are refurbished boxes and more than not the updates to correct the issue that caused the RROD was implemented. I would also ask if GameStop sells an extended warranty of any kind although this is a personal choice.

  2. Alright, the difference between new, pre-owned and refurbished: New is self-explanatory and would obviously be better. Then again, so is buying a new car. You get the full 3yr/36,000mi warranty, etc. The difference between pre-owned and refurbished: Pre-owned means GameStop likely took it as a trade, cleaned it up, turned it on to make sure it works and everything there in the store. It may or may not come with a box, manual, controller(s), etc. Refurbs are usually ones that get shipped off to an off-site repair/storage facility. Maybe the console RRoD’d or the DVD drive quit working or a GameStop simply ran out of room to keep all the trade-ins. The repairs are done off-site, the console is tested, boxed up and inventoried. GameStops can then order from that inventory when/if their own stock runs low.

    Now. Something else I noticed about those 360s you linked. They’re the Xenon chipset 360s. As far as anyone “in the know” is concerned, those consoles are the “black sheep”, bud. They’ve got the 90nm chipset that’s prone to over-heating, inadequate cooling and a power brick that can be used as a foot-warmer. They are the reason Microsoft’s reputation nose-dived when the 360 launched. I’m not telling you this to scare you away from buying them. I’m just telling you so you know beforehand. The Xenon 360s are the most prone to RRoD’ing of any other console version.

    I’ll throw a link on here that’ll better explain the differences in the 360 versions so you can make an educated decision. (If nothing else, be sure to talk to someone at GameStop and ask them if anything has been done to improve the reliability of those consoles.)

    [url is not allowed]!D.

  3. I’m not really feeling that. You can buy an Arcade for that price. And then just snag a hard drive and another controller on eBay for probably another $50. It’s borderline, but I’d pass.

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