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Xbox 360 motherboard components?


I am trying to find what part I need to order to fix my Xbox 360. It is a small black cube with 4 gold prongs coming out one side and they are bent down at a 90* angle into the mother board. It is on a jasper motherboard (not 100% sure on this). It is right above the IR port on the bottom left corner (if the front is facing down). The cube is 5/16″ long, 4/16″ wide, and 4/16″ deep. It has no writing on it and the number above it on the motherboard is SW2G3. The cube rattles when the board is moved. Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated.and no I am not going to send it in to Microsoft so they can charge me ridiculous amounts of money to fix something that they messed up on.

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  1. Just try and go on Craigs List and buy a broken Xbox and tear it apart for parts. You could maybe talk to someone at a computer repair place and see if they know where you could find a part like that. If it was made specifically for the Xbox it maybe near impossible to find.

  2. i agree with the other comment. you should buy a broken xbox like on craigslist or sometihng, and then scrap it for parts. you might even find some other usefull stuff to sell on that xbox

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