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xbox 360 jasper rrod/e74?


how many years before my jasper gets rrod and e74?i just play it 4 hrs and let it rest for 2 hrs then play it again and im using intercooler ts and place it horizontal then i put 4 rubber stamp 2 inch from the floor and at 720p only.any idea?

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  1. Here’s a complete free guide on the RRoD:

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    You will find out information on how to:

    1: Causes

    2: Prevention

    3: Fixes

    4: Stats

    Just get yourself a repair guide, it’s seriously the easiest thing to do and you’ll be up and running same day.

    You can find that complete repair guide here:

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    Hope this helps! Good Luck!

  2. First of all the Xboxlive expert above is not an expert on anything other than attempting to get referrals from people stupid enough to click on his link.


    (Copied from another post I made)

    There were basically 4 things that are major causes of the rrod. They are

    1) Heat (chips produce heat)(Large chips produce more heat)

    2) Heat removal (Bad heatsink design in oldermodels does not get rid of enough)

    3) Motherboard uneven standoffs (difference of 1mm in some of the standoffs mean board flex when overheated)

    4) Lead free solder (Cracks when heated and flexed, unlike leaded solder)

    What I can tell you however is that they solved 2 major problems with the Jasper chip.

    They fixed the first 2 on the list above.

    The jasper chips are smaller so they produce less heat, they also have new heatsinks that help get rid of the heat that is produced.

    So one would have to assume that your chances are much lower than before, but since they still use lead-free solder and haven’t changed the way the Motherboard is attached to the case there is still a chance of RROD if you don’t keep the Xbox360 cool.

  3. No one really knows how long it’s going to be before you get the RRoD or E74 if you do get it.

    You can take really good care of your 360 and still get the RRoD/E74. You can take bad care of your 360 and still not get the RRoD/E74.

    I have a launch 360 and I haven’t had any problems. The bro-in-law’s brother just got his Elite last year and he got the RRoD on Christmas Day last year.

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