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XBOX 360 Games[?] Husband’s Birthday[?]?


My husband has been dying for an xbox 360 and I have him convinced that we can’t afford it, im not going to get it, and our money could be better spent; truth is I just want him to be surprised when he gets one!

The trouble is that I don’t really know what games to get him I only know of two games Grand Theft Auto IV and Call of Duty, any other ideas?

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  1. I would definitely go with Rock Band. My wife used to hate video games, but after I purchased this game she wouldn’t stop playing it. Very good game. Gears of War is also a must have.

  2. You are a great wife might i say hahaha.

    Games it depends on your husband. Does he like shooting games, does he like car games, ect.

    Within the Shooting (Multi-Player) games He can get

    Halo 3 (Must have game)

    Call Of Duty 4

    Gears Of War (Must Have Game) *Sequal releasing in Nov*

    There are story games which he will probably like:

    Grand Theft Auto (as you have said)

    The Orange Box


    Marvel Ulitime Alliance (if he likes Marvel Comics)’

    Gears Of War (also in this catogorey)

    Halo 3 (also)

    Driving games :

    Forza 2 (Simulation games)

    Need For Speed Games (its more of the new NOS, exotic cars[id say most wanted its cheap 20dollars]

    Gotham Project Racing

    Music Games :

    Guitar Hero 3


    *These games are played with a pretend insturment they Gutiar Hero for now is only guitar but rockband has the drums and microphone to play along with other people(this one i a expensive bundle and soon be a rockband 2)*

    Thats what ill give you for now its really great system it really can connect to your pc to allow for listening to music, watching videos you might have on pc and also rent online int he market place and there are also arcade games, some of which are “classic” to say the least; Pac-Man Mrs. Pac-Man, Froger, Galaga, Contra.and a couple more.

    Also there is a online part, you pay about 50 dollars a month, it is optional no need to get this, and you get it buy, which i suggest is the best method, a prepaid card at target, bestbuy.ect. It lets you playonline, but if he is a true gamer, id let him get it himself befre you hate him for playing to much lol.

    hope this helps if you want look into xbox.com, they have tabs, or you can use the search to see the games ive named, and the others have also shared so you get a little more knowldge of what games we speak of.

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