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Would This Work On My Xbox 360 (Read Extra Detail)?


I have a scratched mw2 game and i was going rent it and save the unscratched game to my hard drive, i heard you have to have the game in even tho its saved to the hard drive, so when i have to return it can i put the scratched mw2 disc in and still have it work? please answer

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  1. Yes, you are able to rent an unscratched copy of Modern Warfare 2 and install it to your hard drive, and then use your older copy to play it. It will only work this way if the old, scratched copy isn’t severely scratched, or else it won’t work. Next time, be careful not to scratch your discs, and take them out and put them back in their cases whenever you are done playing. Be sure to clean them every month or so!

  2. i think so. im not sure because my mw2 disc is scratched up too but i downloaded my friends mw2 to my hard drive and it works. idk if renting it has something that can not allow hard disc installation?. i say give it a try and post the results. best of luck 🙂

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