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wireless xbox 360 adaptor help?


my freind wants to get one do you need a router or do all you need is that then buy xbox live and he can start playing live

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  1. Here’s how to set it up:

    1) Make sure you have a modem set up properly

    2) Get a wireless router

    3) Connect the modem and wireless router using an ethernet cord (make sure that the cord goes into the slot that is not numbered on the router)

    4) Connect anything else you previously had connected to your modem to your router starting with slot #1

    5) Make sure your internet is working

    6) Plug in your wireless adaptor to your Xbox.

    7) Go to the Xbox dashboard

    8) (If you have the dashboard with the left and right tabs) go all of the way to the right and select network settings. Then find the option to set it to the router you have just hooked up.

    9) (If you have the new dashboard with up and down tabs) It’s basically the same thing except go to my Xbox and THEN go all of the way to the right, select console settings, select networking options, and find the option to set your adaptor to you router

    10) If it does still not work, test the connection

  2. If your friend already has a wireless network he can connect to then no he won’t need a router.

    If he is going to setup his own wireless network then yes he will need a router.

    Why buy a wireless adapter? Why not get an ethernet cable and use a wired connection? A wired connection will be much faster and better for gaming online.

  3. the wireless adapter only enables the 360 to send and recieve wireless signals from a wireless router or gateway. So if he doesn’t have a wireless router then he’s SOL. If he has a regular router he can buy a very long ethernet cable and run it from the console to the router. If he doesn’t even have broadband internet (as in dial up) tell him to either upgrade his service to at least a 1.5 Mbps DSL service or better. You CAN NOT play Live on Dial-up. It will anger other players if you try to join a match as it will lag the hell out of the game.

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