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wireless connection for xbox live?


I used to play xbox live, getting my connection from my D-link. Now there is a problem with my D-link and i cannot connect to xbox live. my connection was never wireless i used a ethernet cable to connect the xbox to the d-link. NOW, i want to get connected once again. I want to play in my room ( when i played i was downstairs beside the d-;ink and my computers) what easy ways can i go about going this. and how much will it cost.

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  1. Well I went through the same process except I have a LINKSYS router. All you have to do is set up a wireless (wifi) connection on the router itself, and then find a program incorporated with the brand of your router that makes the wifi actually work (mine was called network magic, you can try it im not sure if it will work or not). And after you have a working wifi signal all you have to do is buy a wireless network adapter.OR if you have a laptop you can connect an ethernet cable to your laptop and xbox 360 and bridge the connection between your home computer and laptop (look up how to bridge the connections together on youtube), and this solution will be much cheaper because you wont have to go buy a wireless network adapter. I hope this helped,and good luck!

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